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Shoma Inc is a small yet effective company. 95% of our clients repeat business with us. We stand by you through the entire project life-cycle, providing skills, services and commitment. Our promise to you goes way beyond just consultants or an IT project.  

Shoma Chakraborty
Founder & President

Shoma is the Founder President of Shoma Inc and directs the company growth in its entirety. Prior to forming Shoma Inc., she did independent consulting and led logistics, planning, marketing and IT strategy efforts for several multinationals including Sahara International, Hilti Inc, VSL Networks and Panacea Biotech. 

Born and raised in Russia with an Indian heritage, being familiar with the diplomatic circle from childhood, from traveling to many countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America and then living in the US for more than two decades, Shoma gained a very unique global perspective towards technology, relationships, social networking and corporate collaboration. 


Shoma has keen interests in using IT capabilities to some niche areas e.g., Smart city applications as well as to enhance better understanding for virus mutation using AI models. 

Shoma holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Rabi Chakraborty, Ph.D. 

Rabi is the Founding Partner of Shoma Inc and plays a critical role in all aspects of technology and corporate finances. He also serves as the President and a Board Member of Senslytics Corporation. Rabi brings in over 30 years of technology and startup management experience and is an inventor of Intuition Technology, a causation AI to model natural systems.

Prior to Shoma Inc., he has been involved from the inception of Catalyst as Vice President, Technology and has played a key role for 15 years in making it a multinational IT company.

Rabi was also a founding team member and director of Versada Networks. Earlier in his career, he served as Associate Director and Manager of IT in Hilti Inc.

Rabi holds over 10 patents, and has written many technical papers in International journals and conferences. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and traveled widely around the world. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. 

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